Read Quran Online

Welcome to the home of Online Islamic Education. Read Quran Online is easy and cheap way of learning Quran Online and Hifz Ul Quran programes for kids and all age groups . For learning online you only need to have a Computer, Headset, microphone and a quality internet connection. Read Quran Online at home is an extra ordinary program that enable kids, adults & new muslims of any age to Quran learning and uderstanding. We is willing to provide 24-7 hours a day Quran classes, Naat Classes, Arabic to Urdo Tranlation, Online Quran Hifz and other. We are humble to educate many from students USA, Canada, UK, Australia, France, Spain, and all over the world. We Also offer Free Trial Classes/lessons to evaluate our online Quran learning service and skill of our teachers. After having Free Classes you can decide to continue or discontinue quran for kids service with us. We has both male & female quran tutors for your comfort.

Online Islamic Education is run by Syed Usman Shah Bokhari who is the IMAM MASJID of JAMIA MASJID, LAHORE, served over decades in Quran Teaching , Fiqa Classes, Quran Hifz / Memorization classes. We also teach our Students Namaz, 6 Qalmay , Famous Surah Memorization and Masnoon Duain from the begning of our Classes.

The basic objective of our Institute is to welcome students from all over world and invite them to read, learn and implement the teachings of the Holy Quran into their lives.

Learn Quran Online

Learn Quran Online with our best teachers having years of experience. All our teachers are well experienced and deliver online lectures in various languages as selected by the students. Our all of teachers at are highly skilled in religious knowledge as well as spoken English and Arabic and Urdo.

  • Start with Norani Qaida
  • Tajweed and Pronounciation
  • Learning of Namaz
  • Memorization of Famous Surah Mubarika
  • Masnoon Duain

How To Get Started

1. A personal computer / Laptop

2. Internet Connection

3. Skype for Video and Voice conversation

4. Accessible 24 hours 7 days a week

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